Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Beginning

This blog was created with one purpose in mind. It is long overdue and something which the world needs to read.

The central purpose and theme is simple. Clint is a man who needs very little introduction. For those of us who know him: you all understand why this blog was created and required to ensure the continued survival of the human race…for that matter for the continued existence of life on this planet in all its forms. For those of you who don’t know Clint, read away and enjoy. In fact reading won’t be enough, you will find and I promise you this, that after reading a few posts you will feel or even crave the overwhelming desire to meet him and bask in the overflowing brilliance, lunacy and splendor that is Clint Walker.

Finding him fortunately is the easy part. If there is a tanning bed nearby, you can find him. If there is a sale on undersized men’s shirts, you can find him. If you find yourself staring at a robotic vacuum wondering what its thinking, you can find him. If you have a patio and 15 minutes to drink as many beers as possible, you can find him. If you have mixed tapes with questionable content on one side and summer of 1993 self made mixes on the other side, you can find him. If you have bus transfers in your pocket and a guy named Steve on your mind, you can find him. If you insist on rolling up your sleeves as the need to expose and display your guns is too great, you can find him. If you find yourself straightening your hair after a 2 hour shower, you can find him. If you can hear random calls for Bison, you can find him. If you find yourself littering every hallway and vacant bit of floor with your own resume, you can find him.

I can go on and on my friends, consider the previous paragraph as just a taste of some of the stories I will – no MUST describe in further detail in future posts.

Bottom line people, Clint Walker changes lives, his endless rants coupled with his overabundance of hand signals and comical gestures is something which must be shared. He modifies attitudes, transcends genders and unintentionally establishes an entirely new assortment of varying belief structures. You don’t fuck with him, you join him…you really have no other choice.

Alright here we go, there is only one place I can think of to start…that would be Patio Talk.

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